Brand Humanization

Content marketing combined with social media equals the customer loyalty, boost performance and team morale.

Trust Based Marketing

Trust creates value. It’s why people become attracted to your brand. We build trust for your brand on the web. Invest in the Trust Economy.

Digital Marketing

Internet is probably the most important source for finding information & validation. Information that enforces trust

Integrated Promotion

Range of online tactics ->Social Media Campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing

Digital Marketing and Technology


Digital Strategy Consulting

We provide quality coaching and can give you the best advice regarding social media and digital issues.  We will get you to the next level
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Apps for IR (Investors Relations)

Astanford partnered with well-known USA-based TheIRapp LLC and offers theIRapp to publicly traded companies in Europe. Transferring your IR content material to your own app or mobile site can be very helpful for for both your corporation and investors. It will require roughly 2-3 weeks to have your own corporate mobile app totally ready.


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